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CRP-129 Premium

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Find out more about our CRP 129 EVO diagnostic case.

Thanks to the CRP-129 EVO, you can produce a professional diagnostic report on the error codes of the vehicle's main ECUs in just a few seconds.

Go further in analyzing the parameters of each ECU, unlike conventional OBD readers. 

Quickly and easily access common electronic functions for servicing gasoline and diesel vehicles.


Vidange huile
Adapt. Batterie
Rég. FAP Diesel
Plaquettes de freins
Adaptation A/F
Valves TPMS
Angle de braquage
Codage des injecteurs

Over 60 Models

Take advantage of a wide vehicle model coverage in one device without having to take additional expansion measures such as downloads etc. Our comprehensive CRP 129 EVO diagnostic device covers more than 60 manufacturers from Europe, Asia and America. Check now whether your model is covered:

Software update

Free for life

Each purchase of a device includes a software update package. After the expiry the user can freely decide if and when the next update should be carried out. This means that the customer can update his diagnostic device to the latest version even after years of use, without any contract and without time limits. 

These are just a click away via the tool's wifi connection.

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