The LAUNCH brand

A leader in the field of diagnostic and maintenance equipment for automobiles of various makes, we offer a range of products for analyzing and diagnosing vehicles, equipping workshops and garages, and supplying accessories and measuring tools. Launch is headquartered in the Lyon region of France, and offers training courses to support users of its tools. Delivery can be made within 24 to 48 hours, and there are over 400 distributors worldwide.

Service Hotline

Hotline service is a very important subject for LAUNCH, because we always think about the customer's needs. That's why we offer comprehensive diagnostic service solutions. From telephone hotlines to LAUNCH remote diagnostics, we cover a wide range of support and service solutions. 

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Security gateway

Security GateWay modules are being implemented by an increasing number of vehicle manufacturers in accordance with European Regulation 2018/858, limiting access to vehicle electronics via the OBD interface.

We can now offer you software-based SGW activation for various vehicle manufacturers to enable full access to all vehicle ECUs and diagnostic functions of LAUNCH X-431 diagnostic devices.

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To improve the efficiency of our professional diagnostics and provide technicians with additional information and data when troubleshooting, we offer our comprehensive database solutions. This helps workshop professionals to identify, locate and repair faults in vehicle electrical systems using intelligent data applications. 

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